“Bandit” Lucy and Keno’s 2019 Litter

“Being that this was out first puppy and have never gone through this before we were a little nervous at what to expect and how to find the right breeder for us. When my boyfriend and I met Amanda, James, and Lucy we knew they were the right pick for us. They are wonderful and caring people who are very passionate about their dogs. Their dogs temperaments were one of the best we have come across. They were very friendly and welcoming but also protective of their humans. When we met Lucy and Keno’s puppies we can tell that they showed the same temperament as their parents. We picked up our little Bandit at 8 weeks and have loved him since. He has been such a joy and a little ball of energy. Bandit has made lots of friends so far, both people and other dogs who he enjoys to run around and play with. He even met a little doggie girlfriend at the park. We can’t wait to make more memories with him and watch him grow into an awesome dog like Lucy and Keno.”

-Jocelyn & Brandon

“Hudson” Sophie and Alvin’s 2017 Litter

Hudson Log.JPG

Maverick and Sophie.JPG

Sophie (Lucy and Keno 2019) and Maverick (Cleo and Alvin 2017)

“All is well with Sophie and Mav. I could not be happier with the two of them. Both are amazing dogs”